Large history file and fopen().

Jason Hansen jhansen at
Mon Jan 15 23:27:40 UTC 2001

I've run into a problem when the history file grows larger than 2GB.

The setup here is inn 2.3.0, with large files on a linux box.

Dual PIII 800's, 1GB ram.
Linux kernel 2.4.0.
glibc 2.1.3-13, recompiled for LFS support.
3 CNFS spools: 36GB, 231GB, and 249GB.

Everything was running well, until the last expire. The large cycbuffs have
wrapped a total of 7 times. But now the history file has hit the non-LFS
limit of 2GB, and innd failed with the error:

Jan 14 03:03:02 terabinaries innd: SERVER cant fopen
/var/spool/newslib/db/history File too large

terabinaries:db# ls -l history
-rw-r-----    1 news     news     2163827563 Jan 14 03:03 history

Is the fix as simple as opening the history db with fopen64() instead of
plain old fopen() in innd.c? Or does this hint to a problem in local
configuration of the expiration routine?

I tried dropping the /remember/ limit in expire.ctl to 7 from 10, and
re-running news.daily, but that didn't seem to do the trick.

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