ninpaths updated

Olaf Titz olaf at
Wed Jan 17 18:24:10 UTC 2001

> Unfortunately, they're not really suitable for a stand-alone package,
> which means that what's in INN will be slightly different than your
> package.  But I think the differences are minimal enough that this won't
> cause problems in pulling in newer versions.
>  * Rename ninpaths.README to README (I'm trying to semi-standardize on

No problem with that. I'll probably follow that practice (which I do
for newer projects anyway; this is a remnant of the times when
packages were distributed as shar files which unpacked in the current

>  * Remove Checksums since it doesn't work anyway after the following
>    modifications.

No problem with that either. It's not that security-critical and the
whole INN package gets signed anyway...

>  * Rename sendinpaths to and apply the following patch:


>  * Apply the following patch to the Makefile (which changes it quite a
>    bit):

I think I can ignore that one for my development. I don't expect the
structure of the package to change as much as to need nontrivial
Makefile changes.

In short, I see no problems with this integration.


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