the old nnrp.access

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jan 22 06:03:11 UTC 2001

Sorry about the delay in responding.  This is just in case this is still a
problem and you never did receive a response.

Roger Martensson <Roger.Martensson at> writes:

> You all remember the "famous" nnrp.access file? Where you could set who
> did what and where?

FWIW, the sample Perl authentication hook distributed with CURRENT
implements an nnrp.access parser except for the username/password bits, so
people who *really* want to use the old syntax could just turn on Perl
authentication and use that.

> I've read the readers.conf manual up'n down(and backwards) and just
> can't find where I tell what groups a specific user/groups can access?

The newsgroups: parameter in the access group.

> What I found was newsgroups:. That would have been nice to add my
> newsgroups wildmat to say "This is your newsgroups". But no. I've found
> out(the hard way) that it's just a combined post:/read:. Sigh.

That's exactly what you want, though, isn't it?  Combined post:/read: says
what groups the user can access.

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