Error: permission denied

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jan 22 07:38:27 UTC 2001

Eric van Oorschot <oorschot at> writes:

> Since I'm using a NIC in my Linux box I keep getting the following lines
> in my syslog and no news articles in /var/spool/news....

>  rnews: cant open /var/spool/news/incoming/.3a411074BmHMhV Permission denied 

> Before I did not have an ethernet device configured, everything worked
> OK, I got my newsfeed by UUCP and that's it. Since I installed the NIC
> all newsbatches are transferred into /var/spool/uucp/.Failed/xs4all.

> I changed a line in the inn.conf file 'nnrpdhost' into 'nnrpdhost
>' but it didn't work.

> What's wrong ?

Well, it sounds like the permissions are such on /var/spool/news/incoming
that rnews can't read it to parse incoming batches of news.  Check the
ownership and permissions on that directory and the files in it?  Also
check what user rnews is being run as; usually if you're taking UUCP
feeds, rnews has to be setgid news and owned by uucp.

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