Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Jan 22 07:43:25 UTC 2001

Chris Sellers <chris at powernet.net> writes:

> I am new to the inn. I am running innd on BSDI 4.1. The problem I am
> having is that I need to manually run an expire. This is due to a server
> crash and it missed running news.daily.  I tried to manually run
> news.daily but it seems to not be having much effect.

Just running news.daily should do it.

> I also stopped innd and ran "expire -n" all night. This only freed about
> 3% of space after running all night!

Depending on what version of INN you're running and what configuration you
have, expire may not be the program that actually removes any articles.
The default with INN 2.3 is for expireover to do the article removal since
it's based on overview information rather than the history file.
news.daily should do the right thing.

> Is there an easy way to just dump the articles and start again?

Well, if you really want to start from complete scratch, you can just
delete your whole INN installation and then recompile and reinstall.

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