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Tue Jan 23 00:21:50 UTC 2001

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} 1. Can you keep this socket open as long as you want?

It should be within chaninacttime in inn.conf.

} 2. Is there a 'quit' command, or do you just close() the socket when done?

That channel treated as nntp with privileged(thru AF_UNIX).

} 3. Before closing it, do you need to wait for all replies, or
}    can you just close it even with unread replies? If there's
}    a quit command, do you need to wait for a reply? What reply ?

That channel can be treated as pipelined, but I think
responses need to be kept tracked to ensure which are
cancelled.  The resonse to quit for mode cancel is still
the same.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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