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Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Jan 23 08:29:30 UTC 2001

Fabien Tassin <fta at> writes:

> Here is a patch for inndf that :
> - fixes '-n' when used alone
> - closes QIO
> - displays the result as a number only if nothing else has been requested
> - adds two options [-f filename] [-F] to read a list of directories
>   from a file ('filename' or _pathetc_/inndf.conf if -F) instead of from
>   the command line (or in addition to it).

> The last point is useful when the spool is spread across multiple
> filesystems. I'm was tired to patch innstat and innwatch after each
> update.

> A sample inndf.conf can be given in the distrib or auto-created by
> configure (from a .in file). This will allows us to safly add -F to both
> innwatch.ctl and innstat. Note that using -F is not fatal if the file is
> missing unlike -f.

Thanks for the patch!  I think I'd rather just document the existence of
such a file in the man page but not try to generate one by default;
instead, those people who have extra file systems they want inndf to check
can just create inndf.conf (yeah, I'm not that fond of the name either, in
part because it ends in .conf and isn't really a configuration file, just
a list of file systems... hm) and have inndf automatically pick them up.

Anyone have any good ideas for such a file?

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