malformed overview! batches

Todd Olson tco2 at
Tue Jan 23 18:12:07 UTC 2001

Hi Russ

I have no data my self, ... and perhaps I'm misinterpretting
what was written in the message that started this thread,
but in that message Jaye Mathisen <mrcpu at>
gave an example that had a line of data with what looked like
a missing front end .....

At 17:08 -0800 2001/01/16, Jaye Mathisen wrote:
>  however, the first line of the batch file is always corrupted.  it's missing about the 
>first half of the data:
>  778     7000    Xref: alt.binaries.sounds.mp3:3428903 alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1960s:372233 alt.binaries.s
>Is the first line of the batch file that was created.

The third line appears to be missing it's front end ...

So shouldn't we worry?

Todd Olson
Cornell University

At 16:18 -0800 2001/01/22, Russ Allbery wrote:
>Todd Olson <tco2 at> writes:
> > At 00:26 -0800 2001/01/22, Russ Allbery wrote:
> >> We should already be able to identify truncated entries anyway since
> >> they're missing the trailing newline.  We should throw any such line
> >> away if we don't already.
> > yes ... if it is the end of the line that is truncated ...
> > but what if it is the head of the line that is truncated?
>I'm not sure how that could happen, provided that INN saves one line and
>resends the whole line if the buffer fills.
>Russ Allbery (rra at             <>

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