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Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Jan 23 23:26:04 UTC 2001

Olaf Titz <olaf at> writes:


>> To INN, it behaves basically just like a port 119 connection, so you can
>> send the same basic commands to it.

> Wrong. After "MODE CANCEL" the only thing it accepts are Message-IDs.
> See NCproc(), just after the comment "We got something" and remember
> that cp->State is and will always remain CScancel.

Ah, whoops, I misunderstood how it was implemented.  Sorry about that.

That's mildly unfortunate... it wouldn't add much more to the bytes sent
to add "CANCEL " to the beginning of each line, and I think it would make
it easier to get standardized down the road.  Should we consider that?

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