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Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Jan 24 23:22:43 UTC 2001

Marco d'Itri <md at Linux.IT> writes:

> Can I remove from controlchan support for these things?

> - perl < 5.00403 (5.004 was required anyway)

Yes, I think so.  Note that this means we should increase the Perl
requirements for INN as a whole from 5.003 to 5.004_03, since I'd also
like to finally rip out the old control message handling and require

> - not using syslog

We can't require syslog.  The problem is that using Sys::Syslog prior to
5.6.0 requires running h2ph, and I really don't want to require people run
h2ph (and then fix the syntax errors in the result) to run INN.  But I'm
comfortable with having controlchan just not log anything if Sys::Syslog
doesn't work; I think the only thing we lose is the controlchan report in
innreport, and the old control message handling didn't produce that

> - INN::Syslog (is it still needed?)

Not since Perl 5.6.0.

> - fallback to shell script modules

This can go.

> - ugly code like:
>                         open(TEMPFILE, $tempfile) or die;
>                         open(NEWSGROUPS, ">$inn::newsgroups") or die;
>                         print NEWSGROUPS $_ while <TEMPFILE>;
>                         close TEMPFILE;
>                         close NEWSGROUPS;
>   (it does not change the permissions of newsgroups, but is this a side
>    effect or a feature to be preserved?)

It really should shlock newsgroups and then append to it, shouldn't it?

> How should I deal with errors? The success of *MANY* system calls is not
> checked.

Ideally, log them via syslog, I think.  If we don't have syslog, I'm not

> (BTW, does anybody know a way to use soft references like $a='string';
> &$a without using "no strict"?)

No, you pretty much have to put them in a block and put no strict 'refs'
before it.

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