[inn 2.3] last chance to recover after a _big_ crash

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Fri Jan 26 10:10:53 UTC 2001

StediS <stedis at radiolink.net> writes:

> The screenshot:

> tradspool: can't determine class: @0500000000BD000004F20000000000000000@: Bad article handle

This is normal; ignore it.

> I've got a tradspool. Storage.conf is OK, still the same It was
> wonderfully working since 2 days ogo.  spool/articles is full of files,
> readable just by article number.

> tailling news.err during makehistory -O -b process I can see this errors
> too (coming from nnrpd):
> 	nnrpd[32340]: server.mydomain.me cant find end of line 58609947

You probably don't want to be running nnrpd at the same time that you're
running makehistory, although I'm not sure how well the makehistory
process locks for tradindexed.  (Is that the overview mechanism that
you're using?)

You've not actually indicated what the problem is; after makehistory
completes, does the server not work?  If not, what exactly does it do?

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