INN 2.3 CNFS not full

Kevin McKinnon kevin at
Fri Jan 26 18:44:01 UTC 2001

On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, Elizabeth Zaenger wrote:

> I am running INN 2.3experimental 14-Dec-1999 on a FreeBSD 3.4-RELEASE machine.
> Things are humming along (I rebooted 2 weeks ago to add a new disk for
> overview, but before that I was in the range of 8 months of uptime!), but
> I've noticed that my cnfs buffers are not filling.  I recently added more
> cycbuffs to some metacycbuffs, and now I'm watching a bit more carefully,
> and notice that I'm not 100% on anything.  Here's an example:
> % cnfsstat -a | more
>   Class ALTBIN  for groups matching "alt.binaries.*"
>   Buffer ONE0, len: 1953.12 Mbytes, used: 133.81 Mbytes ( 6.9%) 3033 cycles
>   Newest: 2001-01-26 12:30:08,    0 days,  0:00:03 ago
>   Oldest: 2001-01-26  7:07:27,    0 days,  5:22:44 ago


The % shown is actually the position in the buffer that's being written
to.  The buffer is actually 100% full.  In this case, your buffer ONE0 is
6.9% of the way through the current write cycle, and the remaining 93.1%
is the articles left over from the last write cycle.

This is normal, the output is just misleading.

Best regards,

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