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Mon Jul 2 09:10:58 UTC 2001

Hallo Olivier,

Mitteilung vom Montag, 2. Juli 2001, 09:49:29:

ON> I am using FreeBSD 3.5, I never heard of a problem on sort. Is there
ON> any reference about that so I can test it is working well?

In "news.daily" there is code like:

    test -n "${RMFILE}" -a -s "${RMFILE}" && {
        mv ${RMFILE} ${RMFILE}.$$ && RMFILE=${RMFILE}.$$

that leads to a raw expire.xx where xx equals the process id.

This file will be sorted and duplicate entries will be stripped (-u).
And that's where Solaris 8 breaks (without the patch).

If you set this file aside
         cp ${RMFILE} ${RMFILE}mycopy

you can test, if the sort command will fail or not.

The commands "/bin/sort -u", "/bin/sort | uniq" and
"/usr/xpg4/bin/sort -u" should result into identical files.
Unforunately, this is not true without the patch.

Under Solaris 2.8 "/bin/sort -u" produces a significantly smaller
file. So, entries are lost and will not be removed later on.

Probably, the problem is specific only to Solaris 8. There is a patch
(110916-01) to correct the "sort" command. It is available to contract
customers only from your local Solution Center.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Bernhard Kohl

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