Problem with new articles not being visible to newsreaders

Michael Coxe mc at
Mon Jul 2 21:45:40 UTC 2001

Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:
>         Michael Coxe wrote;
> } I looked in the specific *.DAT file for the newsgroup in question.
> } For example, for a newsgroup called Loudcloud.General.GEEKS, I looked
> } in ~news/spool/overview/L/G/G/Loudcloud.General.GEEKS.DAT. I compared
> } this listing with ~news/spool/articles/Loudcloud/General/GEEKS/*.
> Hm, then the data looks good.  Can you examine by issuing xover
> with 'telnet server nntp'?

I rebuilt the overview database for the umpteenth time then rebooted the 
server, and it works now (for 12 days so far). Thanks for the 'xover' tip.
I tried it and it does work, but so do NNTP clients now. But I will use
it the next time I see problems.

 - michael

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