inn 2.3.2 compile problems on linux

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Jul 3 04:26:22 UTC 2001

John Covici <covici at> writes:

> Well, adding -ldb or -ldb3 for that matter didn't solve the problem --
> I am quite puzzled.

> If you could send me the fix, or, if the current version is working
> properly maybe I should download that?

You can work around the problem by installing libgdbm-dev or whatever your
distribution calls it.  The problem is that INN thinks that the presence
of the headers (which come with glibc) indicates that the library
interfaces will be present (and they aren't, at least in glibc).  The real
fix is to change ckpasswd and configure to key off of the presence of the
library interfaces instead.

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