innfeed: Segmentation Fault

Mirek Luc mirecki at
Tue Jul 3 12:43:53 UTC 2001

Core was generated by `/news/bin/innfeed'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation Fault.

#0  cxnCheckstate (cxn=0xff0000) at connection.c:1250
#1  0x2644c in hostSendArticle (host=0x20e120, article=0x21ce28) at host.c:1750
#2  0x2bc88 in giveArticleToPeer (lis=0x1f0850, article=0x21ce28,
    peerName=0x1fb9ce "tpi") at innlistener.c:661
#3  0x2b960 in newArticleCommand (ep=0x37800, i=32, buffs=0x22b3a0,
    data=0x1f0850) at innlistener.c:572
#4  0x22220 in Run () at endpoint.c:789
#5  0x2cbfc in main (argc=0, argv=0xffbefea8) at main.c:536

Cannot access memory at address 0xff0000
Any ideas?


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