Can't store Article...file exists.

Paul Reilly pareilly at
Wed Jul 4 10:52:55 UTC 2001


I'm seeing lots of errors in my news.err today saying that:
"SERVER cant store article: File exists". Also news readers are
not able to retrieve any articles ("bad article number or article
expired") though they can see the list of articles.

Jul  4 11:33:25 web3 innd: tradspool: could not open
/usr/local/news/spool/articles/free/uk/mad-newgroupers/692 File exists
Jul  4 11:33:25 web3 innd: SERVER cant store article: File exists

Is this a problem with articles not expiring in time/correctly?
Or could it be that they are marked as expired, but not removed from the
article spool directory? What's the best course of action to take to
remedy this?

This is just the latest problem with this server. Overall it
appears it's not keeping up with it's infeed. I'm running innd 2.3.1 with
tradspool on OpenBSD 2.8.  FAQ 3.3 states that: "This storage method is
now too slow to be able to handle a full Usenet news feed". Is this true?
Should I really be looking at rebuilding the news server for cycbuff ?



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