Innfeed questions

Lisa Ungar lungar at
Tue Jul 10 22:43:49 UTC 2001


I am running inn 2.3.0  with xrefslave set to true on one of the machines

One machine is the master and the other is the slave machine.

I am able to run actsync command to have the slave machine in sync with the
master machine.

I have noticed that there is a time lag between newly created groups before
the master machine feeds the slave.

Here are the steps that I implemented

1) ctlinnd newgroup on the master

2) run actsync on the slave

3) Post my first article, from both slave (reader, posts forward to master)
and the master

4) Innd accepts posts and it is on the master, but it is not fed to the
slave, in fact this is error message in the log of the master

master innfeed[ ]: Could not retrieve
@501000000FE0000000000000E000000000000@: (null)

Roughly, a half hour later, the error message does not happen and that
article is fed to the slave.

Basically, the earlier articles are never sent to the slave.

My question is:  Is there some setting that I need to have set in
innfeed.conf file (like open more stream connections??) to have the article
feeds immediately for new groups, like it does for previous groups already
in the active file.  I am using the default settings that came with

Is it possible to reduce the  time lag, because our master and slave will
be behind one machine name.  People will either access the master or the
slave when they go to our news server.  Basically, they may not go to the
same news server each time, so I need to keep the articles in synch.

Should I be using control.newgroup messages instead?  If yes, do you
recommend controlchan.  Will this help with the innfeed problem?

I did noticed that in the slave news.notice that there was a 20 minutes gap
between the master connecting to allow streaming and to receive a mode
stream.  It wasn't until seven minutes later, immediately after the next
connection  by the master to receive a mode stream where an article was
forwarded to the slave from the master.  I did post an article between
those 7 minutes, which did not get forwarded.

Just wondering if that was related?

Thanks for your help,


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