PATH_GPGV in -current

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Jul 12 07:22:07 UTC 2001

Alex Kiernan <alexk at> writes:

> Is there a reason why PATH_GPGV is that rather than _PATH_GPGV
> (leading underscore), given how thats all the other paths into
> configure work? Or was it just a typo?

> Just got confused over it!

Yeah, all of the other ones should be changed to drop the underscore.  :)

The comment in paths.h explains some of it.  All those _PATH_* constants
violate the reserved namespace in the C standard, so they all need to
change to INN_PATH_* at some point, and the variables in the Makefiles and
therefore in should probably match, possibly modulo the INN_
part so that our configure macros can be reused by other people.  So when
I put in gpgv, I used the naming scheme that I want to move us to in the
long run (that cleanup is currently slated for 2.5).

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