Outstanding history items

Alex Kiernan alexk at demon.net
Fri Jul 13 07:41:36 UTC 2001

Here's the ones I know about and am in the midst of fixing:

- expire doesn't honour -i, -n or -x flags

- hisv6 doesn't honour icdsynccount passed in from innd

- dbz implementation not completely hidden (dbzneedfilecount still
called in innd)

- HISwalk has no way of pausing the server if it needs to

- makedbz is an anachronism

- Makefile dependencies not updated

I've hauled out struct histopts and added HISctl so I can solve most
of these; I'll likely finish the code today, but I want to leave it
running a few days to shake out any obvious boners.

Hopefully I'll land a tagged hash implementation at the same time -
BTW can someone who understands the off_t size issue with tagged hash
explain it to me - would `#undef'ing the appropriate symbols before
compiling just the tagged hash files do the right thing?

Alex Kiernan, Principal Engineer, Development, Thus PLC

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