ovgroupmmap ovbuff is null ?

Katsuhiro Kondou Katsuhiro_Kondou at isc.org
Fri Jul 13 16:40:36 UTC 2001

In article <Pine.OSF.4.30.0107091128430.376049-100000 at web2.tcd.ie>,
	Paul Reilly <pareilly at tcd.ie> wrote;

} I've justn moved out in 2.3.1 installtion over to use CNFS buffers instead
} of tradspool. I've also changed the overview format from tradindexed to
} buffindexed. Everything has been fine for two days, but now I get the
} following NNRPD errors in news.err :
} Jul  9 11:16:32 web3 nnrpd[24273]:  buffindexed: ovgroupmmap ovbuff is null(ovindex is 14966, ovblock
} is 1684080945

These have been reported not a few times, and I've also seen
before when I was at NEC, although I could not find the problem.
Now I don't have any reader box, and currently cannot investigate
precisely.  I'll continue to dig when my new testing server comes
up :)  I don't think it causes serious problem unless you see so
Katsuhiro Kondou

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