nnrpd crashes on starting up.

David L. Nicol david at kasey.umkc.edu
Sat Jul 14 06:06:26 UTC 2001

Here I was, thinking everything was going well, when suddenly
nnrpd starts crashing immediately every time it starts.

Version 2.3.2.  Articles in a combination of CNFS and timecaf.

I have recently been adding CNFS buffers to adjust expiration times,
would that have anything to do with it?  I've stripped down the
readers.conf file to

auth umkc {
        default: UMKC

access umkc {
        users: UMKC
        newsgroups: * 

auth umkcn {
        hosts: *.umkc.edu
        default: UMKCn

access umkcn {
        users: UMKCn
        newsgroups: * 

and recompiled nnrpd with DO_PERL undefined, but neither of those
steps did anything.

                                           David Nicol 816.235.1187

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