Potential History file corruption?

Roman Gollent roman at pobox.com
Mon Jul 16 19:14:49 UTC 2001

Hi folks,

We're in the process of replacing our old news router with a
new machine running INN 2.3.2.  We're using CNFS exclusively
with 3 large raw partitions (30gig, 20gig, 1gig) on a
hardware raid array.  The machine in question is an E220
with 512 meg of RAM and an A1000 array running Solaris 8
04/01.  We've encountered a problem where in the first hours
of operation, grephistory returns the correct token for a
given message id.  After a while however, grephistory ceases
to work returning the first line of the history file:

12:01:00 news at nostromo:~/db% grephistory -l '9iui8k$q07$1 at news.onet.pl'
[EA854C9986078812E19714E107EDD2F4]	995240666~-~995080854	@030254574F0000000000000C19AC00000003@

compare this to:

12:01:13 news at nostromo:~/db% head -1 history
[EA854C9986078812E19714E107EDD2F4]      995240666~-~995080854   @030254574F0000000000000C19AC00000003@

furthermore, we actually know the correct token (having
looked at the news log), and a grep of the text history file

12:01:51 news at nostromo:~/db% grep 030254574F000000000000681C3200000003 history
[34137FEA96920933DAFAE5858C7739D5]      995310036~-~995282070   @030254574F000000000000681C3200000003@

So the entry does exist.  This leads us to believe that at
some point in time something goes horribly awry in the
history db files.  Has anyone else encountered this problem?

We've compiled INN with large file support, without tagged
hashing (obviously), with openssl and perl support.

Best Regards,

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