Installing on HP-UX 10.20

James C. Specht, Jr. jspecht at
Tue Jul 17 13:07:19 UTC 2001

Does anyone have inn 2.3.2 running on HP-UX 10.20?  We are 
trying to install for the first time and keep running into an issue 
about FLEX.  I've looked at the c source and know why we are 
getting this error (FLEX_SCANNER is not defined), but were it 
should be defined I don't know. Any help would be greatly 
appreciated.  Here is some information for you.

configure options: --with-perl --with-largefiles

The error message during make:
cpp: "config_l.c", line 82: error 4062: "You must use FLEX to 
process the lex input file."
*** Error exit code 1

I found some information on the web about HP-UX and inn which 
said to istall bison (ver. 1.28) and flex (ver. 2.5.4.a).  We did but it 
made no difference.  

What am I missing?

-- Jim

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