bad numbers in active

jarrell at jarrell at
Tue Jul 17 20:29:07 UTC 2001

Ok, I just did a survey of my active file to see if any of the
ridiculous article numbers had reappeared... Sure enough.

soc.culture.british 3605447824 0000000001 y 2001723449 2001723443 y 4263710882 0000000374 y 1016399150 1016391669 y
tw.bbs.rec.japan-idol 1779181616 1779179441 y
tw.bbs.sci.math 3400369960 0000010128 y
alt.bestjobsusa 4290228392 4290227875 y 3003760722 3003756238 y
alt.job 1431749536 0000000018 y

Checking in the overview db, from one article to the next you'd
see things like 

938 rest of overviewline
-65832575 rest of overviewline

Given that those articles in the spool have actually been given
hosed article numbers, am I right in thinking that probably the only
simple way of fixing things is to rm the groups, let expire run tonight
and realize the groups are gone, then put the groups back in, and let them
start refilling?


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