Help Please - server won't start

Jim_Marnell at Jim_Marnell at
Thu Jul 19 14:08:01 UTC 2001

Hello and thanks for reading and any help you can give!!
I made the mistake of modifying the expire.ctl settings and then running
new.daily as root. I then ran chown -r news:news /usr/local/news in an
attempt to fix it.
Now the server won't start. No clues in the log directory but
/var/adm/messages shows:
Jul 16 14:39:11 xxxxxx inndstart: can't setgroups: Not owner
Jul 16 14:39:11 xxxxxx inndstart: seteuid(0) failed: Not owner
All ownerships appear to be OK (i.e. news is owner of everything under /usr/local/news).
Can anyone offer suggestions to help resolve this?
Thank You....jim (inn 2.3.0 solaris 2.6)

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