Log rotation (unwanted.log, tally.unwanted)

Bettina Fink laura at hydrophil.de
Fri Jul 20 16:14:25 UTC 2001

Katsuhiro Kondou <Katsuhiro_Kondou at isc.org> wrote:

> } The only strange (?) thing I've noticed is that unwanted.log
> } and OLD/unwanted.log.1.gz are identical. So if you want
> } yesterday's stage of the unwanted.log, you'll need to access
> } OLD/unwanted.log.2.gz. For all other logs files, yesterday's 
> } stage is the 1.gz version.
> Yeah, it's different from older version.  Attached(diff from
> original one) should fix this also.

Applied and tested: Perfect. :-)


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