INN and Kerberos V authentication?

Christopher P. Lindsey at
Tue Jul 24 03:35:56 UTC 2001

Hopefully nobody's going to get sick of all of my questions.  :)  Maybe
someday I'll get to answer some too.

As I mentioned in an earlier message, I'm trying to set up a 'community'
of sorts that will allow discussions via SMTP, HTTP, or NNTP.
I've already set up a Kerberos V realm that is used for almost all
authentication requirements here, so it seems logical to extend this to
our new community as well.

I'd like to create a specific Kerberos instance for these community
members and have INN authenticate against the KDC, but it doesn't appear
that INN supports it.

After doing a Web search I came across this post by Russ Allbery 
which basically says that I need to patch INN myself:

OK, no biggie.  I've already patched qpopper to do the same thing, so
extending it to INN isn't a terribly big deal.

But before I start putting some time into this, I'd like to know if
there's already a patch out there.  If not, that's cool, but why reinvent
the wheel?  :)

Thanks for any input,


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