shrinking ovdb files?

Ron Jarrell jarrell at
Tue Jul 24 18:29:26 UTC 2001

Is there anyway to make the ovdb files *shrink*?  They're certainly not 
reusing space well.  They're growing and growing.  I now note that
they're using 8.3G of a 9G partition, and real soon now will overflow;
despite the fact that I *know* I'm loosing articles off the end of the
cnfs buffers constantly; I only keep about 3 days of the binaries.

expireover also only mentions that it's scanning about 2,000 article lines.
Does that indicate something's broken, or is it only mentioning the 
articles that are in my timecaf spool?  (Some local newsgroups
are there so I can forcible expire things like our forsale after 2 weeks.)

I suppose part of the problem could be the fact that try as I might, I can't
make expire take less than about 64 hours to run.  Which is getting ridiculous;
this machine is horribly overpowered, and the IO is split across three chains,
and multiple spindles.

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