INN and Kerberos V authentication?

Christopher P. Lindsey at
Tue Jul 24 23:03:48 UTC 2001

> > I'd like to create a specific Kerberos instance for these community
> > members and have INN authenticate against the KDC, but it doesn't appear
> > that INN supports it.
> What are you authenticating to what?  Clear-text passwords given to nnrpd
> over the NNTP protocol against the KDC, or something else?  If the latter,
> it should be very simple to start from ckpasswd in the authprogs directory
> and modify it to try to obtain a TGT with the user's given password and
> return success if that works.

Clear-text passwords passed to nnrpd.  The user knows nothing about Kerberos
as a backend and is running no special software; I just want to compare
the password with the one in the KDC.

Programming it isn't a big deal; I just wanted to save myself the time if
something is out there already.  :)  If it's new, I'll share what I come
up with.


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