Outgoing news feed

Mirek Luc mirecki at nask.pl
Fri Jun 1 09:25:15 UTC 2001

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Josh Higham wrote:

> My newsfeeds file has an outgoing specification that appears to be correct,
> it is file based and the article information is correctly written to the
> outgoing file.
> However, it doesn't appear that these messages are getting handled.  I
> searched around, but couldn't find what step I'm missing.  Is there a cron
> job that I need to set up to process the file?
Use ~news/bin/nntpsend. Something like this:
1,11,21,31,41,51 * * * * /news/bin/nntpsend > /dev/null 2>&1
And set up your nntpsend.ctl file. For example:
t-online:newsfeed00.sul.t-online.de::-T1020 -t120


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