inn 2.3.1 example files.

Dickon Hood dickon.hood at
Fri Jun 1 16:37:58 UTC 2001

Having just spent quite a while head-scratching over exactly *why* the
brand new installations of 2.3.1 refuse to feed articles to one another, I
checked the config of another, older, unconnected server and found an

If you take the example newsfeeds file, and uncomment the innfeed entry,
then use the entry as a template for other feeds, it won't
work: you need to add '*,' to the pattern field of the feed site.

#       :*,!junk,!control*/!foo\
#       :Tm:innfeed!

All easily enough solved by carefully reading the documentation, but who
does that..?

Apologies if it's fixed in 2.3.2 - I've not had a chance to look.


Dickon Hood

BBC Internet Services,
Kingswood Warren.
(+44 1737 8)39754.  Mail me.  Don't phone if possible.  Ta.

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