Multi part binary reception

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Sat Jun 2 21:40:31 UTC 2001

 No we have a DS3 between here and UUnet.  There is tons of traffic flowing
over the network.  How much bandwidth does a full feed take, I figure I am
getting about 10% of all articles right now, and I am using like 5Mb/s.  

I will mess with the max conns tonight.  I thought I had it set to 0.

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>> BrianH at <BrianH at> wrote:
>>> I am having an issue with only getting small portions of multi part
>>> binary posts. It should not be a bandwidth issue since I have a DS3
>>> and am using about 10% of it right now. My news server is running
>>> inn 2.3.2 on an Alpha EV6 500 which is about 80% idle so it should
>>> not be an issue of speed. The disk IO is pretty low also...
>>   Who's feeding you?
> UUnet, they used to be the best news provider, at least last time I
> worked for an ISP.

   Have you played with max-connections in incoming.conf? (Does the
incoming rate change as it's increased or decreased?)

   Is there any packet loss between you and the UUnet feeder?

John Leslie <john at>

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