capacity planning for INN

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Wed Jun 20 19:26:38 UTC 2001

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Tyrone  <hhssss at> wrote:
| 1. Daily storage for daily full feed (300GB?)
| 2. Memory requirement for INN server (128MB?)

Transit servers 1GB, reader machines 2GB. If the history hash doesn't
fit in memory expire takes forever, so innd+innfeed+expire+histiry.hash
is a place to start.

| 3. Memory requirement for each newsfeed (32MB?)
| 4. Memory footprint per news connection (300KB?)
| 5. Number of concurrent news connection for ISPs (250?)

  Readers or feed? In either case, sounds low. Feeds, particularly from
Typhoon or Cyclone seem to want lots of sockets open. Of course INN has
that polling loop, so this is not the most desirable way to go, but
there it is.

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