cant dbzinit [...]/db/history Numerical argument out of domain, again

gabriel rosenkoetter gr at
Thu Jun 21 04:04:43 UTC 2001

So, this may well *not* be an actual problem with INN, but rather a
problem with the way it's built and installed through the NetBSD
package system, but on two separate architectures running two
different version of NetBSD (macppc and i386 running 1.5 and 1.5W

I get this error message via syslog when trying to launch innd.
Note that both of these are completely fresh installs. history,
history.hash, and history.index are all empty. On both machines
(despite different architecture... though they're both 32 bit
machines, so I guess it makes sense this is the same) history.dir

dbz 6 750000 14 66
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Is this error message actually valid? (That is, is 0 somehow out of
the numerical domain of some component of dbzinit?) Or, is this
actually some deeper problem hiding behind, ahem, less than perfect
error reporting though /.*dbz.*/, as is nebulously suggested by:

... or is it, in the end, a problem with my OS's set up (or my OS's
package system's compilation of INN) as suggested by:

I'd be thankful for any suggestions (especially where to look for
the NetBSD package's being broken, since this would not be the
first bug I'd found in this packages installation).


       ~ g r @

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