Idea for variation over tradspool

Preben Guldberg c928400 at
Thu Jun 21 12:57:33 UTC 2001

Thus wrote Russ Allbery (rra at on [010621]:

> Preben Guldberg <c928400 at> writes:

> > For the stored article on disk, I decided to add an extension - an octal
> > number reflecting the bits stored in the token above. This way, by
> > inspecting the article name, it should be evident whether an article is
> > crossposted or have an Expires: header. This should generally reduce the
> > number of times actual opening of an article is required.

> I'm not sure there's much utility in picking up a spool storage method
> that's *almost* traditional spool.  One of the major features of
> traditional spool is that it can be used with the huge amount of existing
> software that already understands the spool format, and that software
> would be confused by this change.  The other storage methods have
> significant benefits that tradspool don't have.  (Although one file per
> article that can be easily found *is* nice and only tradspool has that.)

tradext_next() is the only place where the filename is used to gather
information besides group and article number. However, here the
article is opened anyway, so there is little to gain.

I guess that boils down to just shifting in the bits in the token and
use them were applicable.

Thus the articles keep their numbering and the software around stays

> You can send them to me; the splitting of things apart at the very least
> would probably be useful.

Will do.

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