anuska anuska at
Fri Jun 22 14:37:41 UTC 2001


  I have tried to install INN 2.3.2 in Linux and I have not been able to get it works. 

 Before,  I had INN 2.1 installed and now,  I have configured the configuration files similar to the old installation, changing only the format in the new files that the new version incorporates.

 I run and I have not any error message, but innd -p6 is not running, only innwatch is running.

I have revised permissions and files, I have modified syslog, and cron, and I have created cyclic buffers with cnfs but I do not know why it does not work.

Please, I need help, I would like to know what is happening or if anybody has had this problem

Lots of thanks.


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