central control.ctl file for INN

Edwin Rutsch edwin at humanityquest.com
Mon Jun 25 21:00:39 UTC 2001

I was told that there is a central control.ctl file that many INN
administrators use. 
I've started a new Usenet hierarchy called humanityquest.* and am
wondering what it takes to get a new hierarchy listed in this
control.ctl file.
The humanityquest.*  hierarchy FAQ can be found at this URL: 
Site with which we have a feed for humanityquest.*
To Create a Peering Feed you can use the Following. 
News Hierarchy - only: humanityquest.*
Number of News Groups: 80
Inbound News Server (send to): news.humanityquest.com 
Outbound News Server (accept from): news.humanityquest.com
Pathhost/Path Header: news.humanityquest.com 
If you would like to Create a Peering Feed, Please Send me Your. 
Contact Name:_____________________ 
Inbound News Server Name/IP (send to):: ____________________
Outbound News Server Name/IP (accept from): ____________________ 
Pathhost/Path Header:____________________
Edwin Rutsch
edwin at humanityquest.com <mailto:edwin at humanityquest.com> 
http://humanityquest.com <http://humanityquest.com/> 
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