My own newbie problems.

gabriel rosenkoetter gr at
Tue Jun 26 00:36:35 UTC 2001

So, I have just two machines which I would like to be peers with
each other, grappa and uriel. All seems well in that innd happily
starts on each.

I've posted an article on grappa but, when I run nntpsend, I get the
following (this is a tail -f on all of /var/log/news.{crit,err,notice}
plus /var/news/log/nntpsend.log all mashed together):

Jun 25 20:28:51 grappa innd: uriel opened uriel:18:file
Jun 25 20:28:51 grappa innd: uriel closed
Jun 25 20:28:51 grappa innxmit[15951]: connect failed Undefined error: 0
nntpsend: [15925] start
nntpsend: [15925] stop
nntpsend: [15925:15945] begin uriel Mon Jun 25 20:28:51 EDT 2001
nntpsend: [15925:15945] innxmit -a -t60 ...
Can't connect to, Undefined error: 0
nntpsend: [15925:15945] end uriel Mon Jun 25 20:28:51 EDT 2001

Any thoughts on what the actual cause may be? (Yes, I can definitely
get to port 119 on uriel.)

Config files look like this on grappa:

streaming:              true
max-connections:        8

peer ME {
  hostname:	"localhost,"

peer uriel {
  hostname:	",,"




auth "localhost" {
    hosts: "localhost,, stdin"
    default: "<localhost>"

auth "grappa" {
  hosts: ",,"
  default: "<grappa>"

access "localhost" {
    users: "<localhost>, <grappa>"
    newsgroups: "*"

They are exactly the recipricals on uriel. I won't waste the

       ~ g r @

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