too-llong expires

Ron Jarrell jarrell at
Fri Jun 29 20:42:06 UTC 2001

Ok, my expires have been taking about 8 hours to run.  Last night nightly didn't run
because the previous nightly was still running.  According to expire.log, expireover
started jun 28 (thu) at 00:07, and ended at 01:49, processing 5781 article lines
(which seems awfully low, given there's upwards of a week of news now),
and dropping 2.  Then lowmarkrenumber ran, and took effectively no time.
Then expire started at 01:49:13, and ran until jun 29, 07:10; 30 hours later.

The jump from 8 hours, to 30 hours seems excessive.   Is this indicative of 
problems with the ovdb files?  For that matter, if I wanted to regenerate them,
how would I?  With the old overview I was using, I'd just do a
makehistory -O -I foo, and do a sort -t' ' +1 -2 foo | expireindex -a -o -z.

Will the same thing work with ovdb?

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