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Thu Mar 1 17:27:12 UTC 2001

davidsen at (bill davidsen) writes:

> In article <72wvb2y93y.fsf at>,
> Alex Kiernan  <alexk at> wrote:
> | ISTM that if you just did a HIScheck you'd keep overviews for articles
> | for too long (which I guess isn't a disaster), alternatively we could
> | adjust HISlookup to return an expired flag (modifying the TOKEN to
> | include an expired flag sounds like a bad idea to me):
>   I guess it depends on how often or loudly your users whine when they
> get a "not found" to a request in overview. I'm sensitive, I get a lot
> of whining about everything, this is one which is visible. I wouldn't
> want a lot of overhead to avoid this, but I do think it's desirable to
> make it easy to do better. Absent some whole new implementation, I don't
> think overview will ever be 100% matched to the article base, but if
> your "far too long" means "one expire cycle" rather than "a few
> seconds," as I think it might, I would rather get closer than that.

I think with what I've got at the moment you get the same
functionality as today - I just needed Russ to help me towards
understanding the problem properly!

Alex Kiernan, Principal Engineer, Development, Thus PLC

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