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Fri Mar 2 05:09:05 UTC 2001

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Bettina Fink  <laura at> wrote:

| access "fail" {
|         users: "<fail>"
|         read: "*,!some.groups"
| }

  Call me paranoid, but I would put and explicit no posting here against
a change in code and for documentation purposes, so the next person to
read this knows what you wanted.

| It's nearly the same, I just added a default identity ("<fail>")
| and changed the order of the two access groups, because now "users:
| "<fail>"" is more specific and must be placed after the "users: *"
| access group (last match rule).

  Exactly so. I'm sure that's why the first one didn't work, but I can't
see why. You probably could have forced it with a key, but this is
working and as clear (modulo my last thought on self documenting code).
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