Non-intuitive gains in performance

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Fri Mar 2 06:18:30 UTC 2001

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| Bill Davidsen <davidsen at> writes:

| > So I set the metacycbuff SEQUENTIAL as advertised, and the artwrite time
| > didn't go down a bit. However, the hiswrite time dropped by some 40%! 
| > Does anyone have a thought on this? It's nice that I really helped the
| > performance, but I lack any idea why it works this way.
| Is history on the same drives as the storage?  What's the disk
| configuration?

  History and active are on a RAID-1 array of 9GB 10k rpm drives, for
better read performance. Storage is on RAID-5 36GB 7200 rpm drives.
Looking with vmstat2 I see 30-40 ops/sec, which shouldn't be much of a
load. Expire peaks ~170 ops/sec on the history array.

  I don't see why a change to the CNFS write order would hit the
history, but I'll take any gains I can get.
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