readers.conf question

Bettina Fink laura at
Sat Mar 3 01:43:08 UTC 2001

Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote:

>> I think even the absence of an "users:" parameter doesn't catch an
>> "empty" identity. I don't have another explanation why my setup failed,
>> but I'm far from understanding everything regarding readers.conf.
> I'm going to try to find time to look at this tonight.  My immediate
> inclination is to change the code to match what I documented rather than
> the other way around; the documented behavior was a touch strange, but
> seemed useful once you got used to it.

Yes, that's really true. :-)

But please fix the authentication example first, the way it's
now (adding a "default: <NOPASSWD>" identity causes the order of
the access realms to be wrong) it results in an RP open server.


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