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Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Mar 5 01:10:48 UTC 2001

Solstice Network Client <snc32 at sbogota1.telecom.net.co> writes:

> i have a initial instalacion (inn ver 2.3.1 in solaris 2.6) i new user
> of innd, i need help with configuration.  server is running but i don't
> see the news group that i made whit "ctlinnd"

You did:  ctlinnd newgroup <group>  but the group isn't showing up in your
client?  Are you sure you're connecting to your local news server with
your news client?  It can also take a few moments for some clients to
notice new groups.

> what i have do,if i want have only newsgroups local (internals) please i
> don't know what do with:

> inn.conf
> active
> active.time
> newsfeeds

See <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/faqs/inn.html#3.6> for a starting point.

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