History cache performance?

Bernhard Kohl B.Kohl at rrz.uni-koeln.de
Wed Mar 7 09:36:29 UTC 2001

Hello inn-workers,

[1]  does anybody know "reasonable" values for history cache? I didn't
     find anything in the FAQs. Does the following table point out to a
     problem with the history files?

          Reason          Count           %Count
          -------------   ------          ------
          Positive hits   950874          37.8%
          Negative hits   880000          35.0%
          Do not exist    408311          16.2%
          Cache misses    275792          11.0%
          -------------   ------          ------
          TOTAL: 4        2514977         100.0%

[2]  I found the file fixhist.pl and it sorted out many lines of the
     type [68BAD6376C951E987C1968006F65CCF8]      982717690~-~982717690

     The man page for history says:

          Each line consists of two or three  fields  separated  by  a
          tab, shown below as \t:
                <Message-ID>   \t   date
                <Message-ID>   \t   date   \t   files
                [Hash]         \t   date
                [Hash]         \t   date   \t   token

          The Message-ID field is the value of the article's  Message-
          ID  header,  including  the angle brackets.  This appears if
          articles are not stored by storage  api  and  storemsgid  in
          inn.conf(5) is ``true''.

     Therefore, I think this entry is a valid hash entry. But in the
     history file there are both types of entries:

     <45gl0n$n96 at guardian.EnGarde.com>  813454697~-~813422423   comp.bugs.4bsd/818
     [68BAD6376C951E987C1968006F65CCF8]      982717690~-~982717690

     So, I have 2 questions:

     * 1 *  Is it legal to have both types of entries in a single history
            file? And if so

     * 2 *  Is there a version of fixhistory.pl that considers for

     Thanks in advance for any clues.

Bernhard Kohl                          mailto:B.Kohl at rrz.uni-koeln.de

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