ctlinnd trace nnrpd?

Bettina Fink laura at hydrophil.de
Wed Mar 7 13:52:53 UTC 2001


does "ctlinnd trace n y" (turns on nnrpd tracing) work for
anyone? I see nothing more than the normal output in my
logs. "ctlinnd trace i y" (turns on innd tracing) does work
and produces a lot of nice output, but the nnrpd tracing
does nothing accept this log messages:

Mar  7 14:31:36 [...] innd: [ID 881750 news.warning] SERVER trace nnrpd on
[normal output]
Mar  7 14:33:47 [...] innd: [ID 881750 news.warning] SERVER trace nnrpd off

nnrpd is running standalone (-D), is that the reason why
it doesn't work? I've restarted the master nnrpd after
setting the tracing to "on", but that doesn't change any-
thing. Is it necessary to start the master with -t? I will
try ... But that wouldn't be so nice as a fast "ctlinnd
trace n y", "ctlinnd trace n n" ...


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