ctlinnd trace nnrpd?

Bettina Fink laura at hydrophil.de
Wed Mar 7 14:39:58 UTC 2001

Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou at nec.co.jp> wrote:

> } I've restarted the master nnrpd after
> } setting the tracing to "on", but that doesn't change any-
> } thing. Is it necessary to start the master with -t? I will
> } try ... But that wouldn't be so nice as a fast "ctlinnd
> } trace n y", "ctlinnd trace n n" ...
> 'kill -HUP' may help,

Sending "kill -HUP" to the master nnrpd crashes the master
nnrpd, but I had no time to take a closer look at this up
to now, so no details, sorry ...

> but wait... aha it works after forked.
> It doesn't work for -D either.  Try attached which should
> work for this case.

Thx, I'll try.


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