Cost of newgroup messages

bill davidsen davidsen at
Thu Mar 8 16:39:06 UTC 2001

Processing a newgroup message seems to have quite an impact on the
system if you get a bunch of them. It seems that controlchan prevents
getting a multiprocess load spike, but the active is reloaded, the
innfeeds are disrupted, and other moderately high cost things happen.
These are totally valid messages, not crap.

If I had a list to add I have a program to do block adds and deletes,
but valid messages in quantity do bad things to performance. My fast
fix design was a big old sleep() at the end of newgroup processing, but
since it doesn't happen often and I'm busy, I decided to think on it a
little and see if there's a better way by doing less on an add. Should
be able to just gracefully hang one more thing on the end.

I don't remember this being as much of an issue, so it may be something
in the setup of the server which slowed enough to generate alerts.
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