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Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Mar 11 06:10:29 UTC 2001

Marco d'Itri <md at Linux.IT> writes:

> I propose these changes be made after the big patches pending are
> merged:

> - transform K&R-style functions in ANSI functions
> - remove (void) casts before functions like printf (?)

Agreed to both of these.

> - run indent -kr on all files

I'm not sure about this one.  A couple of times, I've put a bit of effort
into getting indent working well enough that we could just run it on
everything, but it keeps having niggling problems.  What I currently have
in HACKING is:

    INN's indentation style roughly corresponds to that produced by GNU
    indent 2.2.6 with the following options:

        -bad -bap -nsob -fca -lc78 -cd41 -cp1 -br -ce -cdw -cli0 -ss -npcs
        -ncs -di1 -nbc -psl -brs -i4 -ci4 -lp -ts8 -nut -ip5 -lps -l78 -bbo

    Unfortunately, indent currently doesn't get everything right (it has
    problems with spacing around struct pointer arguments in functions,
    wants to put in a space between a dereference of a function pointer and
    the arguments to the called function, misidentifies some macro calls as
    being type declarations, and fouls up long but simple case statements). 
    It would be excellent if someday we could just run all of INN's code
    through indent routinely to enforce a consistant coding style, but
    indent isn't quite ready for that.

> - remove the code for old systems without h_addr macro (?)

I don't know if anything is using this one.  Can you point me at where you
ran into it?  I don't think there's all that much code; I may be able to
deal with this now.

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